Happy Birthday, Snark Wars!

Five years ago this week, I published the first entry of this blog (a recap from The Clone Wars‘ second-season Mandalore arc, entitled Mandalore Is For Lovers (Also Terrorists)). Hundreds of thousands of words later, here I am.

I’ve said more than once that I started this blog mostly because I wanted to read it, and that I’d probably be writing it even if no one but me ever looked at it, and that is still absolutely true. I consider myself neither a writer nor a comedian, but I am a person who enjoys writing and telling jokes — and as someone who has been a Star Wars fan for the vast majority of my life, I felt like I could contribute something that did seem in short supply in the fandom: a little levity. (The joke about how no one hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars fans exists for a reason, people.) I wanted my blog to be a place where I could just be like “yes, I do in fact enjoy this thing and it makes me laugh” without feeling required to publish a multi-paragraph apology (e.g. the dreaded “it’s not perfect, but…”, “it is Deeply Flawed, of course, and yet…” as though we’re all Very Highbrow Scholars here and not just a bunch of complete dweebs talking about STAR WARS for God’s sake) in front of it every single damn time first.

To my delight, it turns out I was not alone in seeking out such a spot in fandom, and Snark Wars has found itself an audience far beyond what I’d ever imagined it would. I am humbled by this, and every kind message I’ve gotten from readers over the years has truly meant so much to me. If I’ve ever made you laugh, it’s been an honor.

All this to say: Snark Wars! Hey! This little corner of the internet is five years old this week. I can’t believe it. Cheers, thank you so much for joining me — whether you’ve been reading along this whole time, or you just got here — and here’s to whatever nonsense Star Wars has in store for us all next. Most importantly, to celebrate, this week I will be publishing multiple new entries, spanning a range of different content types. I hope you’ll find one you like. I bet Obi-Wan’s gonna be in some of them, for one thing. 💜

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