About Snark Wars

Snark Wars is a longform humor blog, featuring recaps of Star Wars television shows, films, comics, and books.

Snark Wars started in 2016 as an attempt to take some rants of mine about various episodes of The Clone Wars (which I was in the process of showing to one of my kids for the first time), and put them into a more engaging format that I could share with a few friends. Eventually I started to realize that I really enjoyed writing these recaps, and liked working on the site itself, and from there Snark Wars has continued to grow to cover all sorts of different Star Wars media.

As a nearly-lifelong fan of the franchise, I felt like so much of the fandom discourse around Star Wars was negative and/or relatively joyless, despite the fact that so much of Star Wars is so completely silly. With Snark Wars, my unofficial mission is to show people how much fun I have being a Star Wars fan — and that I truly and shamelessly love it all.

You can find a full listing of everything that’s been recapped to date here, or use the handy menu up above to navigate by content type, etc.

About The Author

The author and owner of Snark Wars is a thirtysomething professional nerd. She has been a Star Wars fan since her first original trilogy viewing in the late 1980s, and has been sad about Obi-Wan since then, too. Her first in-theater Star Wars experience was The Phantom Menace, and she still aspires to be a teenage warrior queen who gets to hang out with young, handsome Obi-Wan. She lives in the United States with her children and husband. You can contact her at: snarkwars (at) gmail dot com.