Snark Wars is a longform humor blog featuring recaps of Star Wars television shows, films, comics, and books.

About the Author

The author and owner of Snark Wars is a thirtysomething professional nerd. She has been a Star Wars fan since her first original trilogy viewing in the late 1980s. Her first in-theater Star Wars experience was The Phantom Menace, and she still aspires to be a teenage warrior queen who gets to hang out with young, handsome Obi-Wan. She lives in the United States with her children and husband.

Frequently Asked Questions

I wrote it because I wanted to read it. It’s still a pleasant surprise to me that I have readers. 

Just kidding. No one ever asks me this. 

I generally post once every 1-2 weeks, sometimes a little more or less depending on what’s going on in Real Life. 

I have drafts in progress at all times. If you have a special request, you are welcome to email me at snarkwars [at] gmail [dot] com and pass it along. I can’t guarantee I’ll do it, but I do take reader feedback into consideration.  

At this time, I am not accepting recap submissions from other authors, and I do not currently have plans to.

Nope. Snark Wars is a true labor of nerdy love and I provide it to the Star Wars fandom at no cost to them. I do not sell advertising space, etc.