About Snark Wars

Snark Wars is a longform humor blog featuring recaps and commentary for Star Wars movies, comics, books, and more. Launched in 2016, its objective is to inject a little levity into a often-too-serious fandom (and to discuss Obi-Wan’s hair at length.)

About the Author

The owner and author of Snark Wars is a thirtysomething professional nerd. Her first introduction to Star Wars was with the original trilogy in the late 1980s, and she has been sad about Obi-Wan’s terrible, tragic life ever since. Her first in-theater Star Wars experience was The Phantom Menace, and she still aspires to become a teenage girl who runs her own planet someday. 

She lives in the United States with her husband, children, and approximately 5 billion Star Wars LEGOs. 


Sure! I can’t promise I will be able to fulfill the request — my backlog is huge — but I do take reader suggestions into consideration when planning future content. Send me an email by clicking the envelope icon above this FAQ. 

No, I do not currently take guest submissions, and do not have any plans to at this time. 

Just kidding. No one ever asks me this.

It varies a lot, but generally once every few weeks. Sometimes more, sometimes less. 

Snark Wars runs on WordPress, and I use Elementor Pro and other third-party plugins for some of the bells and whistles.  

Nope. Snark Wars is a labor of nerdy love, and I provide it to the Star Wars fandom at no cost. 😉 I do not sell ad space or receive any compensation from click-throughs to outside sites (e.g. Amazon, etc), etc. 

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