Snark Wars Headings and Themes: The Master List

Writing the in-article subheadings for Snark Wars has always been a big part of the fun of working on the site. As we all well know, Star Wars is a big, BIG fan of repeating itself (as am I, as it happens, haha,) and so the idea of the “Recurring Theme” motif when recapping it seemed like a must-do. 

I’ve always wanted to have a running list of all the ridiculous Recurring Themes and other silly titles I’ve worked into my recaps over the years, and now I’ve actually done it, and just for fun, I’m sharing it with all of you. The database below includes every single heading I’ve used in the site for every single piece of content I’ve recapped to date. It’s searchable (which means you can, say, look up every single way I’ve dragged Anakin Skywalker in all of those headings, JUST AS AN EXAMPLE,) and as a bonus you can click a link next to it and jump directly to the place in the original recap where the heading appears. 

This is still very much a work in progress, and I know there’s a little weirdness with the colors, etc. I’ll be tweaking this for a little while yet, but in the meantime: enjoy!