Tag: Luke Skywalker’s Neverending Personal Destiny Quests

Star Wars #10: Game On

Luke gets like the only real saber combat training he’s ever going to get (and unsurprisingly it’s from a guy who’s trying to kill him); the ladies don’t all exactly love Han Solo.

Star Wars #9: Last Requests

The Jedi Order left some parting demands for the Skywalker clan; Luke says the funniest thing about his family that anyone in this series ever has.

Star Wars #6: That Name Means Something To Me

Luke picks up a copy of Obi-Wan’s traumatic autobiography; Boba Fett does a shitty job bounty-hunting; Vader learns a Shocking Truth that will lead him to utter one of Star Wars’ most famous lines.

Star Wars #5: Searching Low and High

Han and Leia bitch at each other so much that it puts Obi-Wan and Anakin to shame; Luke is so intent on his Personal Destiny Quest that he’s even willing to be exposed to sand.