The Clone Wars – Full Recap Listing

Season 1: 
Episode 11: Party at Hondo’s Place [Dooku Captured]
Episode 12: Family Pole-Vaulting [The Gungan General]
Episode 22: Anakin Skywalker’s Day Off [Hostage Crisis]

Season 2: 
Episode 1: Chad Something and the Chamber of Secrets [Holocron Heist]
Episode 2: Attachments Are His Speciality [Cargo of Doom]
Episode 3: We’re Winners and Losers [The Children of the Force]
Episode 4: Rush Hour [Senate Spy]
Episode 5: With My Last Breath, I Snark At Thee [Landing At Point Rain]
Episode 12: Mandalore is for Lovers (Also Terrorists) [The Mandalore Plot]
Episode 13: Get a (Ridiculously Ornate) Room [Voyage of Temptation]
Episode 14: It’s Always the Ones That, in Hindsight, You Really Should Have Suspected [Duchess of Mandalore]

Season 3:
Episode 5: We Have So Much In Common [Corruption]
Episode 6: A Crash Course in Badassery [The Academy]
Episode 8: If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Have Baked a Cake [Evil Plans]
Episode 9: Chad Something and Mr. Fancy Pants [Hunt for Ziro]
Episode 15: Your Destiny Lies Along A Much Weirder Path Than Mine [Overlords]
Episode 16: Maybe We Should Be Writing This All Down [Altar of Mortis]
Episode 17: You Can Maybe Change Your Future (But You Won’t) [Ghosts of Mortis]
Episode 18: You Take After Your Dad [The Citadel]

Season 4:
Episode 11: We May Have Struck a Nerve [Kidnapped]
Episode 12: At Her Majesty’s Pleasure [Slaves of the Republic]
Episode 13: Father-Daughter Day [Escape from Kadavo]
Episode 14: Why Is Lux Bonteri Here? [A Friend In Need]
Episode 15: The Worst-Laid Plans [Deception]
Episode 16: Sowing the Seeds of Mistrust [Friends and Enemies]
Episode 17: New Levels of Crazy [The Box]
Episode 18: Irony. Irony Everywhere. [Crisis on Naboo]
Episode 19: That Old Black Magic [Massacre]
Episode 22: We Meet Again For Not Even Close To The Last Time [Revenge]

Season 5:
Episode 1: A Pirate’s Life For Maul [Revival]
Episode 2: Introduction to Galactic Rebellion [A War on Two Fronts]
Episode 6: Charlie and the Crystal Factory [The Gathering]
Episode 14: Everybody Hates Obi-Wan [Eminence]
Episode 15: …And That’s Why You Don’t Trust The Sith [Shades of Reason]
Episode 16: ‘Til Darth Do Us Part [The Lawless]
Episode 17: The Snips and Skyguy Detective Agency [Sabotage]
Episode 18: No Way Out [The Jedi Who Knew Too Much]
Episode 19: Not This Time [To Catch a Jedi]
Episode 20: She’s Leaving Home [The Wrong Jedi]

Season 6: 

Episode 1: Pre-Order [The Unknown]
Episode 5: If Only There’d Been Warning Signs [An Old Friend]
Episode 6: In Too Deep [The Rise of Clovis]
Episode 7: Don’t Bank On It [Crisis at the Heart]
Episode 10: Oh Yeah, We Forgot About Sifo-Dyas [The Lost One]
Episode 11: Do You Hear What I Hear? [Voices]
Episode 12: The Sisters of the Most Sacred Force [Destiny]
Episode 13: You and I (and Obi-Wan and Anakin) Are Gonna Live Forever [Sacrifice]

Story Reels:
Part I: The Adventure of the Mystery Weapon
Part II: Can You See The Real Me?