Rebels: Full Recap Listing

Star Wars: Rebels

Season 2:
Episode 1: Selections From The Obi-Wan Kenobi Wise Old Mentor Guidebook [The Lost Commanders]
Finale: We’ll Meet Again, Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When [Twilight of the Apprentice, Parts I and II]

Season 3: 
Episode 1, Part I: Thrawn Right Back Into Things [Steps Into Shadow Pt. I]
Episode 1, Part II: My Parents Are Picking Me Up [Steps Into Shadow Pt.2]
Episode 2: I Just Can’t Get You Outta My Head [The Holocrons of Fate]
Episode 3: Un-Wedge Yourself From the Empire [The Antilles Extraction]
Episode 4: You Can’t Go Home Again (Because It Blew Up) [Hera’s Heroes]
Episode 5: The Most Delayed Realization Yet [The Last Battle]
Episode 6: I Don’t Get The Whole Mandalorian Thing [Imperial Supercommandos]
Episode 11: I’ll Be Seeing You [Visions and Voices]
Episode 15: Mandalore the Understandably Reluctant [Trials of the Darksaber]
Episode 16: Family Feud [Legacy of Mandalore]
Episode 17: This Could Be The Last Time [Twin Suns]