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When a nerd in a cowboy hat meets a nerd with a massive flannel shirt collection, the result is this: an animated series that periodically makes one ask “did I accidentally mix Nyquil with Franzia, or was that the point?” Relive all the wonderful madness in the Clone Wars Recap Listing.

It’s that timeless story of emotionally-destroyed boy meets badass-rebel-pilot girl, and they inevitably end up adopting teenagers who are insane hotheads, while Uncle Zeb lands himself an Imperial defectee with Hot Star Wars Hair. Also Ahsoka maybe time-travels. Star Wars Rebels has it all!

From Tatooine to Naboo to Yavin (and, inevitably, back to Tatooine), from Tiny Baby Anakin to God Anakin Why Are You Such An Idiot, from the silly, venerated Original Triology to the bananas, delightful Prequels (and maybe also, say, Dramatic Bullshit Manor), the films of Star Wars have something for everyone.

Within the canon comics, Obi-Wan has written guilt-trips for the Skywalkers and blown up a blimp with his lightsaber, and Anakin has both fangirled Obi-Wan to within an inch of his life, and also worn a lizard bird as a cape (in a comic I regrettably haven’t covered yet.) What I’m saying is, if you haven’t read the comics yet, you’re missing out.

Come for Yoda sensing Vader’s loneliness from across the universe, stay for the Old-EU Sweaty Totally Platonic Sparring Matches. I love Star Wars books, and so should you.